How to get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends

Where do you get Heirloom Shards?

3 stacks of 50 Heirloom Shards

Apex Legends is full of currencies — Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, Legend Tokens — but the most coveted by far is the elusive Heirloom Shards. Heirloom Shards are the only currency in the game that allows players to craft an Heirloom of their choice. Heirlooms are Legend-specific, purely cosmetic melee weapons that add a little more personality to the Legends you play.

Right now, only the Legends around during Season 1 have Heirlooms, but more will be added in the future. There are currently three ways to obtain Heirloom Shards, all giving you 150 Heirloom Shards together. Let’s take a look at each of these methods.

Opening any Apex Pack (low chance)

Apex Pack with Heirloom Shards inside
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Every time you open an Apex Pack, you have a chance to get Heirloom Shards. Read that, and read it again. Apex Packs have a 100% chance of dropping a Rare-tier or better item, a 24.8% chance of getting an Epic-tier item and a 7.4% chance of dropping a Legendary-tier item. That said, beyond the written chances, there is also a secret 0.2% percent chance that you will get a pack full of Heirloom Shards instead. It will be 3 drops of 50 Heirloom Shards, giving you enough to purchase an Heirloom.

Opening your 500th Apex Pack (guaranteed)

3 stacks of 50 Heirloom Shards
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If you have not gotten an Apex Pack full of Heirloom Shards yet, it will be a guaranteed drop at 500 packs. If you have gotten Heirloom Shards via an Apex Pack, it will happen again 500 packs from the moment you opened the Heirloom Shard Pack. The reset works the same way that you are guaranteed a Legendary-tier item in an Apex Pack every 30 packs if you haven’t gotten one in 30 packs, just at a higher scale. Then the counter resets, and you can work your way up to 500 again.

Completing select Collection Events (guaranteed)

Cleared-out Collection Event
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Most collection events introduce a new Heirloom melee weapon into the game. That said, if a collection event does not come with a new Heirloom, it will instead come with an opportunity to get a guaranteed Heirloom Apex Pack. Players will receive this pack upon completing the event collection, and it will look the same as the packs acquired via the other methods, but will not affect the invisible counter on the 500 Apex Pack count log. It is a separate thing. The first example of this occurring was in the Anniversary Collection Event. This is by far the fastest and cheapest guaranteed method, especially if approached in the right manner.

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Other Information

The last thing major thing to note is that once you own every Heirloom in the game, you can no longer obtain Heirloom Shards. None of the above methods will work anymore. To learn more about why this is, and how it affects Heirloom Shard collection, check out the relevant article linked below.

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Overall, Heirloom Shards are much trickier to get your hands on than the likes of Legend Tokens, Crafting Metals, or Apex Coins. That said, at the end of the day, there are enough ways to secure them now, that getting an Heirloom is a real possibility for players willing to put some real cash into the game. If you really want an Heirloom and don’t want to spend your way through all of those Apex Packs, waiting for the right Collection Event is the way to go.