How to get Hesperon in Warframe

Wreck of the Hesperon.

Image via Digital Extremes

Hesperon in Warframe is a resource that players will need to create Hespazym Alloy from the relevant blueprints. Hespazym Alloy is used to create Baruuk parts, cosmetics, K-Drive parts, and some weapons and kitguns.

Hesperon is a mineral and can be obtained by mining with a mining laser on Orb Vallis. Hesperon will only drop from red mineral veins, but does also have a chance to drop from any loot container on Orb Vallis when broken.

The Sunpoint Plasma Drill, available from Smokefinger in Fortuna for 2500 Solaris United Standing, is a great option. It will help you find nearby veins, cutting down on the length of time spent mining.

It is a good idea to run a Booster while you are mining, as it will give you double drops, making it very easy to gather up large amounts of ores quickly. Hesperon is a pretty rare drop, so can take a while to actually find. Some players prefer to farm the Exploiter Orb as a means of getting it due to all the other drops that are gotten from that encounter.

It is really up to the player to decide which activity they find more enjoyable, as mining can be quite relaxing if you are in the mood for a quieter gaming session.