How to get high scores and take Perfect Photos in Pokémon Snap

Wait for the right moment.

Screenshot via Gamepur

While Pokémon Snap may be quite relaxing, it can also be challenging. Players will need to get the best possible photos of the creatures they encounter and will want to get high scores.

There are quite a few areas that each photo will be judged on, so know how to maximize your points in each area will be very helpful.

  • Pose
  • Size
  • Direction
  • Placement
  • Other Pokémon
  • Background

Pose is the hardest one to control, as you really just have to wait for your subject to be doing something a little more interesting than just standing around.

Size doesn’t mean how large the Pokémon is, but rather how much of the photo it takes up. You want to use zoom so that the Pokémon is as big as possible in the picture.

Direction just means which way the Pokémon is facing, and you generally want it to be facing the camera to get a better score. Placement is all about where the Pokémon is in the picture, and you want to aim for right in the center of the shot.

Other Pokémon is obvious, but have many Pokémon in one shot will make it score higher. This is about getting natural photos of the Pokémon, after all. Finally, background means is the Pokémon somewhere interesting? If you wait a moment to snap a picture, will the background be more interesting and engaging?

Overall, the important thing to remember is that this is not about “good” photography, it is just about high-score photos within the rules established by the game, and sometimes those shots will actually be a little dull.