How to get inside the saucer in The Good Life – Out-of-Place Artifact quest guide

The solution might make you shake your head.

The Good Life

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During Naomi’s journey along the B route in The Good Life, she’ll wind up investigating some secret mines far from town. After making it through this area, she’ll find a serene environment in the mines’ backyard complete with cherry blossom trees, a second stonehenge, and a UFO resting atop a huge rock formation.

Naomi will notice one of the town’s villager’s being beamed up by the UFO. When she attempts to follow suit, she’s told she is too heavy to be lifted. This prompts the Out-of-Place Artifact quest in which Naomi must find a way inside the UFO.

Getting into the UFO

There will be circular patch of soil within stonehenge. Walk up to the middle of this patch and plant the item you acquired from the computer inside the mines. Afterward, interacting with the patch brings up a text box in which Naomi suggests she should try watering it.

This might stump some players seeing as the farming side activity doesn’t necessitate any sort of watering. The solution is very simple. To progress, transform into the dog and pee in the spot you planted. Doing so causes a massive plant to rise from the ground, granting access to the UFO.

Screenshot by Gamepur