How to get into the generator room in Tormented Souls

Break through the path.


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After you’re out of the first room, the generator room is the first stumbling point in Tormented Souls. You’re told that you need to get inside to turn the power back on, but both doors are blocked. One is in the same corridor as the first enemy, and the other is barred by wooden boards. This guide explains how you get into the generator room to turn the power on.

Step 1: Find the crowbar

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The first thing you need to do is locate the crowbar. This is both an item and a melee weapon, and it’s located in the x-ray room with the priest. While the priest hands you the nailgun, you’ll have to find the crowbar by yourself. Look on the left-hand side of this room, and you’ll see it leaning on a machine between some boxes.

Step 2: Use the crowbar on the door

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With the crowbar in hand, you can now go down the corridor inside the x-ray room and find the door to the generator room. This door is barred by two pieces of wood, but you can use the crowbar with the wood to remove it. The crowbar will remain in your inventory because it’s also a melee weapon you can use to kill enemies.