How to get into the library in Tormented Souls

Uncover the truth.


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Once you’ve turned the power back on in Tormented Souls, your next major goal is to find the library. This room resides on the second floor, but it takes more than just walking there to uncover the truth you seek. There’s a puzzle linked to this room, and in this guide, we’re going to explain how to solve it.

Step 1: Find the door knocker

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The first thing you need to do is find the door knocker. This is a small object that looks like a hand holding a ball. You can pick it up in the chapel on a surface near the chapel closet door. This room is tricky because it’s pitch black, and a wheelchair enemy is chasing you. Try to bait the enemy up one set of stairs while you run down the other. You can also light the candles around the room to create a source of light from which you can fire at the enemy with your nailgun.

Step 2: Find the stethoscope

It won’t seem obvious that you need the stethoscope before finding the library door, but you do. This item is located in the sewing room on the second floor corridor. You can only enter this room while the lights are powered down, so make sure you pick up everything you can in here, including a save tape before you leave again.

Step 3: Find the beating heart of John Gibson’s creation

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When you arrive at the library door and use the door knocker on it, you won’t be able to unlock it without a special combination that you must tap out. The clue on the library door points you towards John Gibson’s creation and its eternally beating heart. Return to the main hall and interact with the first sculpture you see on the stairs to the second floor to figure this out.

You can use the stethoscope with this sculpture to hear a heartbeat. The rhythm is one beat, three beats, one beat, and a final single beat. Listen to this rhythm a few times because you need to be able to recreate it exactly. Then, when you’re sure you’ve got it, go back to the library door and tap out the rhythm. We had to do this a few times, and at one point, we were convinced that there was more to the puzzle. However, if you don’t get it right the first time, head back to the sculpture, listen to the beat again, and then try to replicate it once more on the door.

Eventually, you’ll get the beat right, and you’ll be able to get inside the library. Then, be ready for another encounter with the priest that’s just as creepy as the first one and a fairly shocking reveal that gives you the next location to aim for.