How to get into the operating room in Tormented Souls

Work around the broken elevator.


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Once you’ve made you’ve made your way into the dining room and have met back up with the priest again, you’ll be reminded that you need to get into the operating room in this incredibly creepy mansion. However, the process of getting into the room is extremely complex, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you get inside.

Step 1: Exhaust the priest’s dialogue

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Talk to the priest until you’ve heard everything he has to say. His last piece of dialogue will see him give you a bolt. This item is key to reaching the operating room because two fuse boxes require it. You’ll be able to use the item to unlock the door that leads to the second-floor corridor where the door for the operating room is. The only trouble is, the room for the operating door also requires you to put a bolt in the nearby fuse box.

Step 2: Fix the elevator downstairs

The next thing you need to do is make your way downstairs to the elevator. This is located just off to the left through a door in the main hall towards the save room. You need to pull the trolley that’s blocking the elevator door here out into the room a bit more. This unblocks the elevator door. Unfortunately, you can’t use the elevator yet because the button is broken down here.

Step 3: Take the elevator down

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Now, go back upstairs and take the elevator down. Once the door opens, push that trolley into the doorway to prevent the doors from closing. Next, run back to the door that leads to the operating room corridor upstairs, where you used the bolt in the fuse box. Take the bolt out to stop the power from going to the door. This means that you can’t use the door, but luckily, you don’t need to.

Step 4: Take the elevator up

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Run back to the elevator, push the trolley in, and ride it up. This gets you up to the same corridor as the operating room door, except now you have the bolt with you. Use the bolt in the fuse box here, and you’ll power all the doors, opening up the door out of this area as well. To get to the operating room, go through the large doors and take the corridor right in front of you. There’s an enemy in this area, but you can outrun them. We recommend holding back and killing them to avoid taking damage later, though.