How to get lost items back in World of Warcraft – Item Restoration guide

All hope is not lost for the cape you accidentally deleted.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’ve accidentally sold, destroyed, or deleted an item in World of Warcraft, don’t panic. Blizzard has an internal system set up to get back anything you might need, as long as you have an active subscription or current game time. Here’s how to get lost items back in World of Warcraft using Item Restoration.

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Where to find your items

To begin the process, head to Blizzard’s official page for item restoration. Click on the blue “Begin Item Restoration” process, and if you aren’t already logged in, do that now (and make sure you have your mobile device nearby if you have 2FA enabled).

On the next screen, select your character from the dropdown list of servers. When you find your correct character, click on them, and a list of sold or deleted items will appear. Find the item you need to recover, click on it, and then click the blue Next: Review Item Restoration button.

Terms for restoring items

The next page will ask you to confirm that you want to restore the selected item(s). You can only perform one restoration every seven days. When you have confirmed your selection, the selected item(s) will arrive in your mailbox once you log in to the game.

Consumables like potions and food, collectibles such as pets and mounts, and temporary items are not eligible for restoring. Also, if you destroyed anything in your current play session, it won’t appear on the list until you log out. The amount of time that items remain available for item restoration depends on item rarity — Common items will only stick around for a few days, while Epic and Legendary items will stay available for up to one month.