How far back does Item Restoration go in World of Warcraft?

Don’t tell your guildmates that you sharded your trinkets accidentally.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Stop us if this scenario sounds familiar — your bags are full of random garbage after a long week of grinding out dungeons and raids, you’ve decided to do a little spring cleaning, and to start disenchanting the random green, blue and purple items in your bags. Except oops: you disenchanted your best-in-slot Trinket that took weeks to farm up, and now a week has passed and your raid team is mad at you. Don’t panic — if you’re curious how far back Item Restoration goes in World of Warcraft, read on.

By heading to the official Item Restoration page, you can restore most items that you accidentally sold, disenchanted, or otherwise deleted from your bag accidentally. While there are some restrictions, such as being unable to restore consumable or holiday items, the big restriction is that restorable items sit around in the database based entirely off of their rarity. Common (White) items only stick around for a day or two at most, while Epic (Purple) items can stay in the database for up to a month. So that important trinket mentioned up above should still be sitting around in Item Restoration as long as you don’t take too long to get it fixed.

An important note, however, is if you accidentally shard an important piece of gear, don’t spend or sell the materials from that disenchant, else you risk not being able to trade back for your important gear. Item Restoration will require the materials generated from the disenchant to refund you your item. If you accidentally sold your item and it isn’t showing up in Item Restoration, it could still possibly be in your Buyback tab. If you cannot find your item at all, unfortunately it is lost entirely — Blizzard support will not track your item down for you.