How to get Superb Texture in Destiny 2 – Dawning 2020

It’s super.

Destiny 2

With The Dawning 2020 underway, lots of Guardians are running around trying to get ingredients together to make their cookies and treats for various characters. One ingredient you will need to get your hands on is Superb Texture.

This can be found by getting Super kills against any enemy. The best way to farm it is to head to somewhere that will have lots of enemies, and lots of Guardians so that you can all feed each other Supers.

The Strike playlist is not a bad option, or even Nightfalls while you are running your Weekly. The Blind Well at the Dreaming City should also be a popular spot at the moment, with lots of other players heading there to farm this item.

You can head to the Eclipsed Zone on Europa, as the increased recharge rate of your Super here means you should be able to use it far more often than just about anywhere else in the game. All you need to do is keep murdering enemies and you will be in a good spot.

You should also think about what Super you are using. On Europa, in the Eclipsed Zone, it will need to be Stasis, but most of the classes will have a Super that they can get better value from in other areas. Dawnblade and Golden Gun can both increase their own active time if used correctly, as an example.

You can also equip mods, use Masterworked weapons, and do everything else in your power to generate your Supers as quickly as possible to help with farming this ingredient.

If you need help get any other ingredients for the Dawning 2020, you can find a full list of them here.