How to get the Ancient Death Rancor sorcery in Elden Ring

Summon hordes of the vengeful.

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Are you one of those who live in death? Do you want to summon hordes of the undead to attack your foes? The Ancient Death Rancor sorcery is similar to the Rancorcall sorcery. It allows you to summon a horde of vengeful spirits that chase down your foes. You can even change this spell to enhance its potency and take advantage of talismans like the Godfrey Icon. Combining the two together will create a massive horde of spirits that cannot be stopped. Here is how you can get the Ancient Death Rancor sorcery in Elden Ring.

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Obtaining this sorcery doesn’t take extremely long. To start things off, you need to head to the Liurnia region. This is the region to the north of Limgrave where you can find Raya Lucaria Academy. To get there, you can either go through or around Stormveil Castle. We recommend taking the side path around the cliffs since it is quicker and doesn’t require you to fight Margit and Godrick. After all, this area can be pretty hard if you are new to the game or underleveled.

After reaching Liurnia, make your way to the east of Raya Lucaria Academy to the area marked on the map above. If needed, there are nearby Sites of Grace to the south of the marked location. We recommend activating the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace since it is close. Either wait for nightfall to come or skip time forward at the Site of Grace. Once nightfall arrives, go to the area on the map and a Deathrite Bird will spawn. Deathrite Birds aren’t the easiest foes to defeat. The main thing you want to do is avoid their ghostflame attacks. These can be deadly for anyone regardless of their level.