How to get the Bell of Conquests Season of the Chosen Artifact in Destiny 2

Ring my bell.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen introduces a new Seasonal Artifact, the Bell of Conquests. As always, this will be a constant benefit to Guardians, providing special seasonal mods and Power level bumps as it is leveled up.

To get the Bell of Conquests, Guardians will need to download the new update, then load into the game. After some brief cutscenes, you will be loaded into an instance of Battlegrounds, the new seasonal activity.

Here, you will need to find waves of Cabal enemies and complete some fairly simple mechanical achievements. Defeat the final boss and you will receive the Bell of Conquests. The game will automatically load you into the H.E.L.M where you can place the bell in the War Table at the end of the room.

Just like previous Seasons, the artifact can be leveled up by earning experience just by playing the game. As you earn points you will be able to purchase new mods that will help you to deal with difficult Champion enemies, and that will give you unique benefits.

You only have a limited number of points to spend, so use them wisely. You can, if you wish, reset your Artifact to get different mods, however, so keep that in mind. You can earn XP by playing Gambit and Crucible matches, Strikes and Nightfalls, or grinding bounties, that most glorious of Destiny 2 traditions. This season also see’s the introduction of Seasonal Challenges that you can complete.