How to get the Bugha skin in Fortnite

Play as the world champion in Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf is a popular esports player who got his big break when he won the Fortnite World Cup back in 2019. Since then he has joined the Sentinels, a Los Angeles based esports organization as well as content creation. Following his world champion victory, Fortnite collaborated with him to have a skin based on him in the game.

The Bugha skin is available for purchase in the Fortnite item shop. There are three different styles that the Bugha skin comes in, including his “Bugha Elite” style that has lighting glow off him, and the “World Champion Bugha” style that has Bugha wear a jacket that says “World Champion” on it. The skin includes the Zoey Trophy back bling that features the Fortnite world cup trophy as well as Bugha’s pug Zoey poking its head out of it.

You can purchase it in the Bugha bundle which includes the skin, back bling, Bugha Blades harvesting tool, and Bring It Around emote for 1,800 v-bucks. You are also able to get the skin, harvesting tool, and emote sell for 1,500, 800, and 300 v-bucks respectively.

Along with the other content creator icon skins, Bugha is normally in the shop when the latest skin in the icon series is released. That being said there are other popular celebrities like Ariana Grande that have skins in the shop as well that are under the icon series, but in this case, we’re talking about the skins inspired by different creators in the gaming space like Ninja.

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