How to get the Buns of Steel vehicle in Hot Wheels Unleashed

We’ll have some ketchup with that.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Burgers are a sanctity within American culture, so it makes sense that Hot Wheels made a vehicle based on one of Uncle Sam’s favorite fast foods. The Buns of Steel vehicle in Hot Wheels Unleashed isn’t particularly a competitive car, but it’s a great gag car that you’ll need to unlock a challenge. Here’s how to get it.

The Buns of Steel car can be unlocked by playing through the Hot Wheels City Rumble mode. It’s the campaign that has you complete challenges, finish races, and test your time trial skills. It’s one of the first cars you’ll unlock in the City Rumble mode, but you’ll still need to finish six events that stand in your way of burger glory. Go directly up from the starting position on the map and follow the north route.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After finishing the Time Attack challenge called Undaunted Speed with under 55 seconds, the reward location will pop up next to it. Press the cross button on the icon to receive a Blind Box, the Buns of Steel car, and the Hot Wheels Style 18 decal set (which lets you decorate your car in a McDonald’s-like scheme). Thankfully, the nightmarish Ronald McDonald is nowhere near this game.

Unlocking the Buns of Steel vehicle will also help you access a secret spot on the bottom right section of the map. All you need to do is finish the challenge, The Best, to unlock the secret space and gain some beefy rewards like a Blind Box.