How to get the Cane Sword in Elden Ring

Stay classy.

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Do you want to look posh while you take on the various enemies in the Lands Between? The Cane Sword might just be the weapon for you. This weapon requires a combination of strength and dexterity, but you can imbue it with the keen aspect to make it a great dexterity weapon. You gain access to the Square Off weapon art when you obtain this weapon. This weapon art allows you to prepare your weapon before making attacks that can break an enemy’s guard. Here is how you can get the Cane Sword in Elden Ring.

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To obtain the Cane Sword, you will need to gain access to Leyndell, Capital City. To gain access to the Capital City, you need to obtain two Great Runes. Leading up to the capital, you can get the Great Runes of Rykard, Radahn, Rennala, and Radahn. After you obtain two of these Great Runes, make your way to the entrance of the city along the northern part of the wall. You will find the Draconic Tree Sentinel in front of the entrance. Before you can access the capital, you will need to defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel. With the boss defeated and the runes obtained, you will be able to enter the doors to the capital.

Now that you are in the capital, make your way down to the city streets below. Next to where the Erdtree Avatar spawns is a doorway. Go through the doorway to find the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. From there, go down the stairs and over to the dragon statue. Climb the wing of the dragon statue and enter the wall above. Follow the path up the ladder to find the West Capital Ramparts Site of Grace. The area where you get jumped by a smaller soldier is where you will find the Cane Sword. This is just south of the West Capital Ramparts Site of Grace.