How to get the Composite Bow in Elden Ring

Sometimes light bows are the way to go.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The Composite Bow is one of the smaller bows you can find in the Lands Between that is perfect for when you want to fire off arrows quickly at your opponent. This bow comes equipped with the Mighty Shot weapon art which allows you to fire arrows that penetrate your opponent’s armor. You can change the weapon art as well to one of the other bow skills. This weapon scales primarily off of dexterity but also scales slightly off of strength. Here is how you can get the Composite Bow in Elden Ring.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

To obtain this weapon, you will need to make your way to the Liurnia region. This is the region to the north of Limgrave past Stormveil Castle. To reach this area you will need to either go through Stormveil by defeating both Margit and Godrick or go around Stormveil using the cliffside path to the east. We recommend taking the cliffside path if you are new to the game or under-leveled since beating both Margit and Godrick can be quite difficult.

Once you reach Liurnia, make your way to the other end of the map. It is best to take the path through the lake area in the center. Once you reach the other side of the lake, you can find a pathway that connects to the ravine in the northern end that leads up to the mountains above. Take the pathway up to find the Nomadic Merchant marked on the map above. This merchant will sell you the Composite Bow for 3,500 Runes. There is also a nearby Site of Grace in Bellum Church to the south. If you lack the Runes required to purchase the bow, you can use the Site of Grace to return later.