How to get the Crucifixion trophy in Tormented Souls

Let something else do all the hard work.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Tormented Souls has a fairly tormented list of trophies for players to work their way through. Some require you to collect diary entries or complete the game without saving, while others are a lot more obscure. This guide covers how you complete the Crucifixion trophy.

How to get the Crucifixion trophy

To unlock the Crucifixion trophy, you need to kill an enemy using a trap. This isn’t a special type of weapon that you can place and lure enemies into. Instead, it’s part of the environment. We stumbled across this trophy while exploring the second floor, in the corridor just outside the library.

There’s a wheelchair enemy in this corridor that will slowly amble towards you before lashing out and trying to gut you. If you walk towards it, past the suits of armor holding swords, you’ll notice that the swords fall behind you. You need to use this to your advantage.

Move towards the enemy and trigger the swords to drop behind you. Wait for them to lift back up and then wait for the enemy to close in on you. When it’s almost close enough to strike but not close enough to trigger an attack, move backward underneath the swords once again. This will draw the enemy towards you and cause it to be hit by the falling swords. The enemy will die, and you’ll unlock the Crucifixion trophy as a bonus.