How to get the Cup of Commons in Genshin Impact

Prepare for numerous battles.

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Players aiming to complete the Millennial Mountains quest in Chasm will need to obtain six offering items. One of these items is Cup of Commons, which might be hard to find, especially if you are unaware of its exact location. Although NPC Wang briefs you about the location beforehand, the instructions are vague and hard to follow.

How to get the Cup of Commons

To get the item, players need to complete the Undetected Infiltration quest. If you have finished the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal quest before, the Undetected Infiltration quest should already be active. Regardless, follow the steps mentioned below to complete the Undetected Infiltration quest:

  • Head to Glaze Peak to start the quest. The exact location you need to visit is outside Chasm’s Maw, northeast of Tiangong George.
  • Upon reaching the location, you need to defeat all the Treasure Hoarders in the area.
  • Once done, a cutscene will appear, and the leader of Treasure Hoarders will give you a new task.
  • Head to Lumberpick Valley and interact with Yanbo. He will give you yet another task to clear out three more Treasure hoarder camps.
  • Using the marking on the map, go to all three locations and clear out the camps.

Finally, you’ll be tasked with clearing one final Treasure Hoarders camp after completing the other three. However, the enemies you’ll face in the final camp will be much harder to beat. That said, once you clear out of the final camp, there should be a Luxurious Chest nearby that contains the Cup of Commons.