How to get the El Chapulín Colorado skin and emote in Fortnite

Get the suit based on the beloved Mexican superhero.

Image via Epic Games/El Chapulín Colorado

El Chapulín Colorado is a Mexican television show that premiered in 1973. The show follows a superhero of the same name who accidentally causes more issues when trying to help. The apparently homemade suit that El Chapulín Colorado wears in the show is a skin available in Fortnite and luckily, it isn’t that hard to get.

The El Chapulín Colorado suit is available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop, but there are a few different ways to approach buying it. If you want the original design of El Chapulín Colorado based on the actor who played the character at the time of the show Roberto Gomez Bolaños then you can get it. You can purchase the El Chapulín Colorado Bundle which comes with the Paralizatron CH-3000 back bling, Que No Panda El Cunico emote, and the Chipote Chillon harvesting tool all for 1,600 v-bucks.

If for some reason you do not want to buy the bundle you can purchase the skin emote and harvesting tool separately. The El Chapulín Colorado skin is available for 1,200 v-bucks while the emote and harvesting tool sell for 500 v-bucks each.

If the original outfit doesn’t pique your interest and you want an El Chapulín Colorado outfit that is more representative of yourself, you can purchase a version of the skin that looks more like you. There are five different masculine and feminine skin types to choose from and you can purchase one for 800 v-bucks. If you want all five of them in one bundle you can do that as well. The El Chapulín bundle includes all masculine skin variants for 2,000 v-bucks while the Colorada bundle includes all feminine versions for the same price.

The El Chapulín Colorado skins are only available from time to time in the Fortnite item shop. However, it is one of the more common collaborative skins that return, so if it is not in the shop right now don’t stress. It will likely come back to the shop soon.