How to get the Estoc in Elden Ring

A classic weapon makes its return.

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The Estoc is one of the basic weapons that you can find in many of the Soulsborne games. This weapon is a classic and sometimes that is the best way to go. It’s able to be infused with Ashes of War but it comes equipped with the Impaling Thrust weapon art. This skill allows you to lunge forward in a powerful thrusting motion to pierce an enemy’s guard. The Estoc is great if you are making a dexterity build since it scales primarily off dexterity. Here is how you can get the Estoc in Elden Ring.

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There are actually three ways that you can obtain this weapon. Unfortunately, it is not able to be farmed from any enemies. At most, you are able to have three of them in your inventory from a single playthrough. To start things off, you can obtain the first Estoc by choosing Prisoner as your starting class. The prisoner class is one of the magic classes that you can choose from that starts with the Estoc and a Glintstone Staff.

If you are looking to obtain the Estoc in a different way, there are two merchants that you can visit to purchase it from; Patches and a Nomadic Merchant. Patches can be found first in Limgrave. Go to Lake Agheel and travel along the river to find Murkwater Cave. He will appear as a boss in the dungeon. If you forgive him for attacking you, he will move on and become a merchant. You can then find him at the Scenic Isle Site of Grace in Liurnia to the north of Limgrave. You can also obtain the Estoc from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia. Both merchants will sell the Estoc for 3,000 Runes.