How to get the Goldmask’s Armor Set in Elden Ring

Oh, Radiant One!

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Goldmask is one of the more interesting characters you may come across in the Lands Between. This character doesn’t talk. Instead, this character simply stands and points. Oh, and he wears hardly any clothes while he does his standing and pointing. It’s a peculiar sight to be sure. Despite not talking, Goldmask has an entire questline that intertwines with Brother Corhyn’s. If done right, you can obtain both their armor sets. Here is how you get the Goldmask’s Armor Set in Elden Ring.

Completing Brother Corhyn’s quest

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To obtain the entirety of Goldmask’s Armor Set, you will need to complete Brother Corhyn’s questline. This will take you all over the Lands Between and require a lot of faith. Brother Corhyn can be found in the following areas:

  • He will appear north of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace after reaching Altus Plateau. Speak to him in Roundtable Hold to make him move to this area.
  • Once you find Goldmask on the northern part of the broken bridge in Altus Plateau, talk to Brother Corhyn to make him move to Goldmask’s location.
  • After getting two Great Runes and going into Leyndell, Capital City, Goldmask and Brother Corhyn will move to the coliseum in the southwestern part of the city.
  • Defeat Godfrey and use the Law of Regression incantation on the statue below the Erdtree Sanctuary. Talk to Corhyn again to make him and Goldmask move to the Stargazers’ Ruins in the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • Complete Crumbling Farum Azula to unlock Leyndell, Ashen Capital. From the Capital of Ash Site of Grace, go to the cliffs below the coliseum to find Goldmask. Retrieve the Mending Rune of Perfect Order. Reload the area and return to obtain everything by the head of the armor set.

Obtaining the Radiant Gold Mask

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You can obtain the Radiant Gold Mask at any point of the quest. Go to the bridge where you first find Goldmask and go south to the broken pieces beneath it. On the most southern tip of the broken bridge is where you will find the Radiant Gold Mask. You will need it to complete the entire Goldmask attire and be one with the Golden Order. Be careful traversing the stone of the bridge. Falling will lead to your death.