How to get the Guardian Games 2022 armor sets in Destiny 2

Put on some new fancy boots (and more).

Image via Xbox

A new Destiny 2 event means new cosmetics, and the Guardian Games 2022 is no different. This year’s offerings are some of the flashiest and most futuristic pieces of armor in all of Destiny 2, not just in their event lineup. As with all cosmetics in the game, there are two ways to acquire them: pay real money for instant access or pony up several thousand Bright Dust.

Two Ways to buy the Guardian Games 2022 Armor set

The difference in these limited-time cosmetics is that you don’t have to wait for the individual pieces to come up in the Eververse store. You can purchase a single class’s complete set for 6,000 Bright Dust or 1,500 Silver. That’s $15 in Silver for one class’s new look, though you can only buy Silver in multiples of $10. If you want all three sets of new fashion, you’ll be spending $50 or more if you want some other items in the Eververse store.

6,000 Bright Dust is a lot, and getting your hands on all three sets will put you back a whopping 18,000 Bright Dust. There’s about 40,000 Dust available across an entire Season, barring endless Repeatable Bounty grinding. Those award 10 Dust a pop but have no limit on how many you can do.

It is technically possible to get the 6,000 you need for a single set of cosmetics, but it will take quite an effort if you’re starting from nothing or spent it before the Guardian Games. Eva Levante once again offers Weekly Bounties that reward 200 Dust on completion, and you can complete six of them each week. Do all of them across your three characters across the event nets you 3,600 Bright Dust. Combine that with completing all three eight-bounty challenges for Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible nets you another 3,240 Dust, plus more with repeatables. Season Pass holders have access to 10,000 across the whole pass, and the Seasonal Challenges can net you more than 10,000 additional provided you complete 62 out of the 66 available.

Completing the whole Season Pass throughout the Guardian Games will be a real grind, but one that will see you probably drowning in Medallions and Laurels, provided you haven’t done much of it by this point in the Season. The Challenges are more doable, though some require Trials of Osiris, Raids, and other time-limited or team-based activities.