How to get the Jailor’s Cutlass memento in Sea of Thieves

The elusive Jailor’s Cutlass.

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Forts of the Forgotten’s second adventure is live on Sea Of Thieves, giving players more locations to explore and earn rewards. One of the rewards that players can obtain by completing the Forts of the Forgotten questline is the exclusive Jailor’s Cutlass.

How to get the Jailor’s Cutlass memento

As mentioned before, players need to complete chapter two of the adventure. This involves completing all the tasks listed on Belle’s instructions that you get during the quest.

To kickstart the quest, you need to interact with Larinna outside the tavern where you spawn. Once done, she’ll ask you to visit Belle at Golden Sands Outpost. As requested, sail to Belle’s location and interact with her.

After you talk with Belle, she’ll hand you a checklist that you need to fulfill. The tasks on the list are mentioned below:

  • Defeat a Phantom Jailer and recover their key.
  • Free the prisoners and speak with them to learn more.
  • Clear a Fortress in each region of the sea.
  • Bring Belle any Enchantment Vessel you find.

Once you finish the tasks mentioned above, return to Belle and sell her the Enchantment Vessel, which you get from completing one. This will end the quest, and as a reward, you’ll receive Jailor’s Cutlass sword cosmetic.