How to get the Porsche Diesel Junior 108 in Farming Simulator 22

Arm your farm with a true classic.

how to get the porsche diesel junior 108 in farming simulator 22

Screenshot via Giants Software

Farming Simulator 22 is packed with over 400 farming vehicles for you to pick up and start making the most of on your farm. While the roster includes some state-of-the-art machines and even ones that weren’t on the market when the game launched, it’s also got several classics. These machines are a part of farming innovation history and are some of the most iconic tractors, harvesters, and more that farmers young and old will know instantly. One of those is the Porsche Diesel Junior 108, and this guide explains how you get it in your game.

Buy the Farming Simulator Edition Revell model

At the time of this writing, the only known way to get the Porsche Diesel Junior 108 in Farming Simulator 22 is by getting a code from the Revell model of the same name. Revell produces scale models of everything from farming machinery to World War 2 fighter jets. However, the only model you need to know to get this tractor is the Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Farming Simulator Edition. The product comes with a code to unlock the tractor in the game, meaning you can download it and start driving around like a farmer who knows what they’re doing.

It’s worth noting that you can also buy this Revell model without the code for Farming Simulator 22. Ensure that if you purchase it for the code, you purchase the Farming Simulator Edition. Otherwise, your money will only get you a scale model with which you can’t cultivate your virtual fields, just imaginary ones.