How to get the Prototype Roader mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Earn your mount from Season 17 of the Feast.

Image via Square Enix

The Feast PvP rankings in Final Fantasy XIV offer limited-time rewards for the best players in the game. Season 17 began during patch 5.35 and came to an end with the release of patch 5.4. The top 100-scoring players will receive their rewards, with the best-ranking player earning their very own trophy. Everyone who scored within this top 100 list will receive the Prototype Roader mount for their hard work.

Ranking within the top 100 in Season 17 of the Feast

The top 100 players per data center will get their own mount. Using the Prototype Roader Identification Key item gives access to the mount itself. In order to get this item, players will first need to receive their voucher via the Moogle delivery service. They can exchange this voucher for the identification key by speaking with the Feast Quartermaster at the Wolves’ Den Pier (X:4.9 Y:5.7).

For anyone who participated in Season 17 of the Feast, check out the final rankings to see if you reached the top 100. Select your data center first and search for your name. If you see it, then expect to receive your voucher via Moogle mail sometime soon.

For anyone who didn’t participate in the Feast, you unfortunately won’t be able to get this mount. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Season 18 and work toward the next set of rewards.