How to get the Remote Emetic Gas Device in Hitman 3

Open up a whole new world of poisonous possibilities 47.


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The Remote Emetic Gas Device is a tool in Hitman 3 that allows you to poison a target from anywhere in a given location. It opens up possibilities to draw targets to you rather than you hunting them down. However, it’s not something you’ll unlock just by playing Hitman 3. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how to unlock the Remote Emetic Gas Device.

Where to find the Remote Emetic Gas Device

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The Remote Emetic Gas Device is locked behind level 5 mastery of the Haven Island Resort location from Hitman 2. You can access this location from within Hitman 3 if you own or purchase the Hitman 2 pass. However, it’s the final mission in Hitman 2, so you may want to play through the rest of that game before trying to acquire it.

Once you’re ready to tackle Haven Island Resort, it’s possible to unlock the Remote Emetic Gas Device in a single playthrough. We managed this by doing as much as possible in our time going through the mission. For example, it’s crucial to complete story missions, and therefore challenges, to give yourself the opportunity to kill each of the three targets as silently as possible. There are three targets, so you should complete at least three story missions.

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Something else to bear in mind is that there are many locations to discover and disguises to wear. You’ll earn bonus XP for finding new locations, so explore every inch of the island as long as you’re not trespassing. Then, change disguise and explore some more. Some disguises will even complete challenges for the location, earning you yet more XP.

Finally, you get more XP for completing the mission with a rank of Silent Assassin. This is difficult in your first playthrough, and while we didn’t manage it, we did kill two out of the three targets without being spotted once. There’s no shame in reverting to your last save to attempt a situation again just to retain that Silent Assassin rank. It’ll make reaching level 5 mastery so much easier.

We racked up 27,000 XP in our first playthrough, enough to unlock the Remote Emetic Gas Device. As long as you earn around 23,000, you should also unlock the weapon.