How to get the Space Jump ability in Metroid Dread

Never stop jumping!

Image via Nintendo

Real talk, the Space Jump is one of the most fun abilities in all of Metroid Dread. Like the Grapple Beam or Morph Ball, it opens up a whole new world of mobility options for Samus. Of course, you’ll need to find it first. That’s where this guide comes in.

You can get the Space Jump in Ferenia, but only after you’ve beaten the boss Escue and obtained its Storm Missile ability. From the boss chamber, start making your way northwest to the tram to Ghavoran. Along the way, you’ll be ambushed by dual Robot Chozo Soldiers (one gold, one silver), so be prepared for another fight — your new Storm Missiles will make it easier than previous encounters with these mini-bosses. Once you clear them and start climbing from the Network Station, you’ll come to one of those blocks with five green dots. Now that you have the Storm Missile, you can target the green lights in the room, blast them all at once, and open the way forward. Beyond that is a regular Missile Door, so blast that and enter the next room. In here is a Chozo Statue holding the Space Jump sphere.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With this upgrade, you’ll be able to jump around infinitely, rising higher and higher in the air. It’s the closest thing Metroid Dread has to a jetpack, and it makes the Spin Boost ability moot. A whole new level of exploration is open to you now. Just be aware that you can’t rise any higher if you use the Space Jump in water — you can stay moving, but never higher than your starting point. Once you find the Gravity Suit, the Space Jump will behave the same underwater too.