How to get the Void Bell in Rogue Legacy 2

Enhance your dash.

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Throughout your journey in Rogue Legacy 2, you will come across various Heirlooms that grant special perks when acquired. When exploring the kingdom, there will be certain locations that you won’t be able to access normally. Heirlooms usually enhance your normal capabilities, allowing you to access these restricted locations. The buffs granted by the heirlooms are permanent and essential for your progression in the game. One of the rarer heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2 is Void Bell, and here is how to obtain it.

Players will be able to obtain Void Bell in Stygian Study. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of acquiring the Heirloom, and you will have to search the area until you stumble upon one.

Once you obtain Void Bell, it will change your normal Dash to Void Dash. This increases the distance covered during a Dash and also grants you the ability to cancel it mid-dash. Furthermore, you’ll be able to pass through Void doors and access Void Lifts.

Keep in mind it’s vital to obtain Void Bell for your progression in the game. It is required for accessing the Estuary Enoch’s boss fight and the Sun Tower. It is also needed to access a few locations of Pishon Dry Lake.