How to goomba stomp Shrooms in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Smush them into the ground.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Soon after its release, players got bored of shooting Shrooms in Tiny TIna’s Wonderlands, so they experimented with different ways to kill them. This guide explains how to goomba stomp Shrooms, mashing them into the ground and causing them to die.

How to stomp on a Shroom

Shrooms are the basic mushroom enemies you’ll encounter all around the Wonderlands. They’ve got red heads and are incredibly annoying. They can also take a fair few shots to kill, which makes them so dangerous in large groups. The next time you face a few of them, jump and press the crouch button in mid-air. This will cause your Fatemaker to stomp down on the ground. If you do this directly above a Shroom, they will be crushed as Goombas are in many Super Mario games.

During our testing, it seemed as though dealing some damage to the Shrooms before trying to stomp them helped guarantee that they were goomba stomped. However, we also believe it’s possible to smash a Shroom into the ground without dealing any damage to it. This isn’t necessarily more powerful than using a gun or spell, but it could allow you to kill one Shroom before the rest of the group know what’s happening.