How to grind Champion Points in Elder Scrolls Online

Arise, champion, and grind out these points.

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Once you’ve hit level 50, you will be glad to know that the journey isn’t quite over. Reaching Level 50 is only the first step in a long line of grinding and experience farming to reach the true endgame of Elder Scrolls Online — Champion Points. If you’re just starting out, you’ll definitely want to know how to grind Champion Points in ESO.

A few facts about CP before get started: a character can obtain a maximum of 3600 Champion Points, split between the three trees (Craft, Warfare and Fitness.) Most character builds technically stop at ~2100 Champion Points however, as that is the maximum benefit they will receive from that specific tree. Regardless, over 2000 CP is a lot to get, so here are some methods to help you grind them out.

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First, if you haven’t experienced all of the story content in ESO, we highly recommend you do this. In addition to gaining CP over time via quest completion, you also will obtain Skyshards and Skill Points, which are also crucial for builds. There’s a lot of story to get through — the Planemeld section (including your first alliance story, Coldharbour, and Cadwell’s Silver/Gold questlines) will take you several days, if not weeks, of playtime to get through. That’s not including all of the DLC, ranging from Imperial City to Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storylines. After all of that, you also have the expansion chapters of Morrowind, Summerset, Season of the Dragon and Dark Heart of Skyrim, each with their own additional side stories. In short, you have a lot of story to get through, and all of it will offer up experience towards Champion Points.

In addition to the above, daily activities such as Writs, your Daily Dungeon and Daily Battleground, will offer of mountains of experience points, often giving you nearly a full bar of experience. It’s highly recommended to do your dailies, as it adds up over time. Purchasing ESO Plus also offers up a flat 10% bonus to your experience gains, and there are various scrolls and drinks that will provide bonus experience percentages as well.

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We also recommend that you purchase or find Training gear to expedite this process. Training gear is equipment with the “Training” trait, which offers up a bonus to experience for every piece worn. If you are aiming to use Training gear, we recommend getting a cheap, blue CP150 set — you can often buy a full set of this for under 30,000 gold. Epic (purple) and Legendary (golden) sets are not recommended — the price isn’t worth the marginal gain.

Finally, if you want to just toss on some music and grind out your Champion Points, you can head to any zone with zombies and carve a continuous path through them. Zombies in ESO are usually very simple and weak to kill, but offer up good experience regardless. Popular spots include Skyreach Dungeon in Craglorn (instanced, so you will not be bothered by other players,) Orsinium Public Dungeons (either of them will work,) and Coldharbour (either near the Everfull Flagon or the Court of Contempt.) This is only recommended once you have enough Skill Points and levels in Mages Guild for your desired build, as farming enemies continuously will not help with that.