How to heal in Weird West

Becoming a cowboy juggernaut.

Image via Wolfeye Studios

No matter the difficulty you’re playing on in Weird West, expect you and your party to be low on health after just about every encounter. Luckily, the RPG offers up a handful of ways to heal — no matter how much money you have or where you are. Here’s how to stay in tip-top shape at almost all times in Weird West.

The fastest and easiest method for healing is by finding and drinking from nearby water buckets and cacti. These lend small sums of HP, but they are heavily populated throughout every area in the game. It is also worth looting enemy bodies and checking stores for any kinds of food they may have. Once found, take them to campfires to cook multiple items that can heal anywhere from 5 to 20 HP.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Additionally, players can also heal by resting in bed at camps and towns. Beds in towns are typically located on top floors of empty homes. These towns also have doctor’s offices that offer full HP restoration for $11, but you can also purchase bandages for $28 to hold onto and use later on. Of course, players may find it more beneficial to heal at camps at no charge, which is done by clicking on the empty spaces in the world map. This area may have a few dangerous animals nearby, but the camp always comes with a bed and campfire.

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