How to hide a body in Abermore

Don’t let them wake up.


Screenshot by Gamepur

A core part of any heist in Abermore is hiding the bodies of those you incapacitate. The game doesn’t explain how you do this, but plenty of your clients want you to complete their jobs without alerting anyone, so you need to learn how. This guide explains how to hide bodies, so you never fail this common secondary objective.

How do you hide bodies?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve incapacitated an NPC by pressing F near them, you’ll be able to pick up and carry their body. However, there are only a few places where you can hide them. All of these are marked with an outline that looks like a human body, so you can’t really miss them. The ones we’ve noticed include two places on any bed and all chairs around a table. You can even place a body on a toilet to hide it.

Some hiding places can be dangerous. For example, if you place a body in a lift, an NPC could walk past and see it, so be sure only to use lifts where no other NPCs will see the body. It’s also possible to send lifts to the floor above or below your location. If you do this, the bell will ring and draw over any nearby staff working that evening. Avoid moving bodies in these lifts because it’s more hassle than it’s worth.