How to hold your breath in Yuoni

Don’t get spooked.

Image via Chorus Worldwide Games

Horror game Yuoni will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to escape the clutches of the paranormal. As a fifth-grader, you can’t exactly fight, so you’ll have to hide in lockers and under beds to survive. Here’s how to hold your breath in the game to avoid detection.

Controlling your breath is a mechanic in Yuoni that, at first, is confusing but will make sense after a little guidance. First, hold R2, RT, or your equivalent key on PC to hold your breath. Doing this alone, your stamina meter will drain quickly, so what you’ll have to do is press the shoulder buttons of your controller quickly (L1 and R1). The stamina meter will still go down, but you are giving it resistance, slowing the process. This is key in horrific situations when a monster is searching for you just outside your vision.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Also, use your ears and listen out for footsteps. Make sure you don’t leave your hiding spot until you know for sure that the monster is far away. As you’re hiding, try to plan an escape route and proceed in Yuoni. You can take a peek by holding the triangle or Y button and moving with the left analog stick. Once the monster is gone, you can also take a deep breath to regain your stamina; press the square or X button to do this.

You don’t want to be jumped on as you’re exploring Yuoni’s environments, so this game shouldn’t be played on mute. We recommend putting on a headset as it would definitely help you in this gameplay experience.

Successfully holding your breath, listening to your surroundings, and using a headset is the best way to succeed in Yuoni. We hope you survive this trip on the PS4, PS5, or PC (via Steam).