How to holster your weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

Real Gs move in silecne.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 puts guns front and center, but you don’t want to go wandering around with them in your hands all the time. Some situations call for a little bit of finesse, and while the presence of guns doesn’t seem to bother most people, there will be situations where you want to put yours away.

You can equip three different weapons, or roll around with dukes up, ready for some punches in bunches. If you would prefer to look like a normal human being, you can do the following.

On PC, double-tap the ALT button to put away your weapons. You can pop them out again real fast by hitting the M2 button, rolling the mouse wheel, or hitting numbers 1 through 3 for weapons, or 4 for your fists. You can also hold the ALT button to bring up the weapon wheel, and cycle around to the red gun icon to put them away.

On console, you can double-tap the X or A buttons, depending on your brand. You can also hold the Y button, then click on the Gun icon to put them away, whichever method you prefer.

Remember, guns are not necessarily a rare sign in Night City, but it will be a good habit to develop to put them away when you don’t need them because some people can react really badly to them. This includes nearby gang members and criminals, or even the cops if things are tense in the area.