How to increase your trap limit in Horizon Forbidden West

Push it to the limit.


Screenshot by Gamepur

If you prefer the sneaky approach in Horizon Forbidden West, you will likely often use traps in open fields. Finding the path of a machine and laying traps in its way to set up an ambush attack is a great way to take down a big enemy efficiently. However, when you start the game, you are limited to having only two traps in the field at a time. Here is how you can increase your trap limit.

Being able to deploy more traps at a time in Horizon Forbidden West is pretty simple. In the Trapper portion of the Skills menu is an entry titled Trap Limit. This Passive Boost has two levels to it. The first level can be purchased early in the game down the left portion of the skill tree, with the second level being at the very bottom. After buying both, you will be able to have up to four traps in the field at a time.

Additionally, the Carja Blazon outfit will allow Aloy to put out an additional trap on the field. After upgrading it, you can place another. Combining both the skill and the outfit will allow you to place up to six traps simultaneously.