How to join a friend’s server in Project Zomboid

Invite some friends to a zombie cookout.

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Project Zomboid has been one of the longest-running zombie survival games on Steam to date. It has grown and evolved a great deal over time. Features such as multiplayer and persistent games have changed how Project Zomboid works regarding online multiplayer. This guide will go over the revamped online feature set and how to find a friend with ease.

Finding a friend’s server

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In Project Zomboid, you can play online and with friends via two methods. The first method, and the oldest, is via online server IP connectivity. Select join a room from the main menu to join a server.

Once at this screen, search the internet tab, and a list of public servers can be discovered. If a friend is online and hosting a room, it will appear on this list. Furthermore, your friend can send you their IP and server information. If you enter this on the right-side panel pictured above, you can join them via this interface.

Hosting a server with friends

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After you select a host room and configure the game experience to your liking, you will load into the open world. On the screen will be a pane with your server information. You will see your external IP address and Steam ID. Once you have access to this information, you have two ways to invite players into your server.

With the first option, you just have to send your external IP to a friend who wants to join your server. They will use the previous step to enter your information and join the server.

The second, and much easier option, is a new feature that was introduced in a recent patch. Full Steamworks support.

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The new method of playing with your friends is also the easiest out of everything mentioned previously. As a host, hit escape on the keyboard, and you will find an invite friend option. This invite will allow all your Steam friends to join games with ease.

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