How to link accounts in Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight players can link their Steam, Epic Games Store, and Stadia accounts together.

Image by Behaviour Interactive

While the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead By Daylight was originally released in 2016 on PC, the game has since garnered a substantial following and found its way onto almost every platform under the sun, including PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Stadia.

Because it’s available on almost every platform and because most multi-platform online games support the feature as well, it’s reasonable to expect some sort of cross-progression across platforms, especially when the game already has cross-play enabled. While Dead By Daylight does not currently support cross-progression with PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, you can take advantage of this feature by linking PC and Stadia accounts.

In order to do this, players need to go to the Behaviour Account website and make an account. Once there, they will have the option to sign-in and connect their Steam, Epic Games Store, and Stadia accounts all to their new Behaviour Account. Once that’s done, players will be able to use their items and unlocks across all three platforms if they wish.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling if and when cross-progression and account linking will come to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch players, although the Behaviour Account website does say that more platforms are coming soon, so hopefully, console fans won’t have to wait too much longer.

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