How to make a Coconut Flask in Stranded Deep

Take a sip, it tastes fine.

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You won’t have too many supplies available to you in Stranded Deep, and survival is your top priority to make sure you’ll be able to continue living. The main priority of yours will be exploration, and a key way to keep exploring is to make a coconut flask to carry water around with you. You’ll also need to have a made a water still to collect water from before you think about making the flask.

Beyond drinking water from it, you’ll be able to use the coconut flask in other crafting opportunities.

How to craft a Coconut Flask

These are the primary items you’ll need to construct the coconut flask.

  • One lashing
  • One coconut (unopened)

You only have to worry about two ingredients, so making the item should not be the biggest problem in the world. The coconuts are scattered all over the island, and you can find them on the ground as if they were rocks. All you need to do is pick one of these and add them to your inventory. If you cannot find one on the ground, try knocking down a palm tree. A coconut typically falls from one of these after you’ve finished harvesting it. Make sure that the coconut is not opened yet. If you’ve opened the coconut and drank from it, the crafting recipe won’t work. Make sure to take it immediately off the try when attempting to craft a coconut flask.

Then you need to find a lashing, which is made up of four Fibrous Leaves that you can get by taking a stone knife to a palm sapling. Once you have these in your inventory, create the coconut flask from the crafting menu.

How to use a Coconut Flask

When you have the coconut flask in your inventory, take it to the water still to fill it with water to drink from that whenever you need to use it. You can also craft other coconut flasks to use in antidote and shark repellent recipes.