How to make a Wheel in Little Alchemy 2

The wheel in Little Alchemy 2 keeps on turning.

Image via Recloak

Wheels are the basis of locomotion and transportation. As one of mankind’s first and most important inventions, wheels work to move valuables, connect communities, and introduce people, operating as a near cornerstone of developing civilization.

As such, players looking to develop their own civilizations from scratch in Little Alchemy 2 have much to gain from introducing the wheel to their growing list of building tools. However, unlocking this critical piece takes a decent bit of progress through the game’s earliest item progression trees before players can roll through the industrial era.

The wheel: Keeping it moving

Image via Recloak

Before players can discover the wheel, they must first discover what makes a wheel turn — motion. Motion is a basic item, similar in function to air or water, that serves as the base for many combinations and item trees when fused with the other basic items.

However, motion isn’t available to players at the start of the game, and has no discernable item combination for players to use in order to create it. Instead, motion will unlock itself after the player discovers their first 45 unique items. While not made very clear to the player, this delayed system of unlocking a key item grants them the opportunity to experiment with the game’s systems, finding many other items that can combine with motion in the process.

After unlocking motion, combining stone and motion will discover the wheel. However, motion can additionally be used to discover plenty of other items beyond just the wheel.

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