How to make an enemy bioluminescent through a wall in Rainbow Six Extraction

Spot an Archaean without it noticing you at all.


Screenshot via Ubisoft’s YouTube channel

Rainbow Six Extraction is packed with recon missions for you to complete while you’re out in the field killing Archaeans. Some of these are straightforward, such as communicating with the emote wheel, while others are more complex. In this guide, we’ll explain how to make an enemy bioluminescent through a wall so you can complete your recon missions and be aware of nearby threats.

Shine your light at wooden walls

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve played a few missions in Rainbow Six Extraction, you’ll know that you can see enemies through wooden walls. This is thanks to the light equipped on all Operative’s weapons. Archaeans react to this light and show up if they’re close enough to the wall, but to make them bioluminescent, you need to get as close as possible. The bioluminescence triggers when an enemy’s head and heart begin to glow and flurry before your eyes. This is usually the point when you can silently take them down as well.

The advantage of making an enemy bioluminescent is that you can tag them for your teammates or as a reference point later on. Depending on what the mission calls for, this will help you skirt around them or take them down without being seen.