How to make paper in Minecraft

The most amazing invention ever made.

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There are only a few instances where you will find hints of civilization in Minecraft. Mostly, this happens when you come across a village or abandoned mineshaft, but usually, your time in the game will have you dealing with nature and its elements. With that being said, the more time you spend in a world and gather resources, the more items you can create to do new things. It may seem insignificant, but getting paper can lead to you obtaining powerful features like enchantments on your favorite items or a map. Here is how to make paper in Minecraft.

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How to craft paper in Minecraft

While you can potentially find paper either in chests hidden throughout the world or trade for it with Villagers, making your own is very simple. All you need to do is find Sugar Cane, which can grow on dirt, sand, or other natural blocks touching a water source block. If you find it, you can break it down and place it wherever you want as long as it touches water. Break them down and spread them along the water’s edge to get more growing in that area.

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When you have at least three Sugar Cane in your inventory, open up a Crafting Table, and you can create three pieces of paper at a time. The crafting recipe is to place all three Sugar Canes across the middle row of slots. Move the paper to your inventory when done.

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Now that you have paper in your inventory, you can go about creating a map or book. If you make a book, you can then work on putting an enchantment in it or creating bookshelves to make your Enchantment Table better. After a short amount of time, Sugar Cane can spread very far along a waterfront if you keep spreading it. You will triple your investment every time it fully grows.