How to make terracotta in Minecraft

How to make one block that can turn into 32 more decorative options.

Dyed and Glazed Terracotta

While some Minecraft players are just focused on armor, battle, and enchants, most players are just as concerned about decorative blocks and making a space worth living in. One of the most sought out blocks for this is terracotta and all of its variants.

In terms of natural generation, basic, red, white, yellow, brown, orange, and light gray terracotta can be collected from the various badlands biome types. Though these biomes are rare, the terracotta there is plentiful, and mining is the most efficient way to gather it. But if you can’t seem to come across these biomes.


Making Terracotta
Image via Mojang

To make terracotta, you first must obtain a clay block. Clay can be found in swamps, rivers, and shallow waters, often accompanied by sand. You can do this by digging up clay, putting each set of four clay back together into clay blocks, or digging up clay with a silk touch enchanted item (preferably a shovel).

Once you have acquired the clay blocks, you will have to cook them in the furnace. It is best to do this in stacks of eight, but any amount will suffice. Plain terracotta will be the output of the furnace.


Dying Terracotta
Image via Mojang

Terracotta, like wool, glass, and concrete blocks, can be dyed. It is done and sets of eight, and cannot be re-dyed. You will need one dye for every eight terracotta you dye, and it can only be dyed by placing one dye in the center of a crafting bench and surrounding all eight of the remaining squares with terracotta.


all terracotta
Image via Mojang

Dyed terracotta can also be cooked a second time in the furnace, to make one of 16 unique glazed terracotta blocks. From pink arrows to cyan creeper faces, these blocks can give your Minecraft home extra little something missing. They can be placed individually, or organized into various four-block design styles, as one Reddit user demonstrates.

You cannot glaze plain terracotta.

Overall, terracotta can be used plain, or turned into one of its additional 32 different variants. If you are looking to spice up your Minecraft home, terracotta may be the perfect decorative block for you.