How to make three Special Unmoving Essential Oils in Genshin Impact

All you need is Cor Lapis and a few Frogs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Apart from the new playable character Kamisato Ayato and the new area Chasm, the patch 2.6 update has brought a bunch of new quests to Genshin Impact. One of these quests is The Heavenly Stone’s Debris which requires you to brew three Unmoving Essential Oils.

How to make three Special Unmoving Essential Oils

When attempting the Heavenly Stone’s Debris quest, you will be tasked with crafting three Unmoving Essential Oils by NPC Clitopho. The task isn’t hard and can be done with ease if you have the ingredients. The task will be given to you once you bring the cannonball back to your camp in Chasm.

To craft three Unmoving Essential Oils, you need 6x Cor Lapis and 6x Frog in total. Both of these ingredients are pretty easy to find, and there is a high probability you already have them beforehand. Once you have the necessary ingredients, head toward a crafting bench in any region and use the ingredients to craft the oils. Preparing the oils will barely take time, and you can craft even more if needed.

The Essential Oil is not just for the quest, and can be used to increase the damage of Geo members on your party by 25% for 300s.