How to open the gate in Brighthoof in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Let nothing stand in your way.


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When you first arrive in Brighthoof in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you’ll quickly notice that a portion of the map is locked behind a gate. This gate can’t be opened by any normal means. Instead, you need to finally complete two side quests to access the area beyond it. This guide explains which quests you need to complete to unlock this gate.

Step 1: Complete the Lyre and Brimstone side quest

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First, you need to complete the Lyre and Brimstone side quest. You’ll find this quest in the Weepwild Dankness as you search for a bard. A poster doesn’t trigger this one; you need to speak to the band members standing around the center of the map. See below for a map reference. The quest is located around the vending machines.

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Completing this quest unleashes a daemon that requires your assistance. This leads you to the next side quest that you must complete.

Step 2: Complete the Inner Daemons side quest

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Once you’re back in Brighthoof, the daemon you released, Zygaxis, will contact you. He needs your help, so seek him out. He’s standing near the gate you want to open, so you won’t need to go far. He gives you the Inner Daemons side quest, which sees you go around Brighthoof racking up evil deeds. As part of this quest, you’ll unlock this gate and go further into Brighthoof than you could have imagined. There isn’t much to explore beyond the gate, but you will find a Lucky Dice to add to your collection.