How to open the locked door with a doorbell in Updaam in Deathloop

More questions than answers lie behind this door.


Screenshot by Gamepur

There are three doors in Deathloop that are all locked to you but have a mysterious doorbell attached to them. These doors are all linked to a secret group monitoring Blackreef and the Visionaries before the loop even started. This guide will explain how to get into the locked door with a doorbell in Updaam.

Go to Updaam in the morning

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get into this door, you need to visit Updaam in the morning. This is important because it’s adjacent to Otto’s Workshop, which blows up at noon. The door is inside the apartment building to the left of Otto’s Workshop, making it easy to find.

To unlock the door and get inside, you need to listen to the secret code that plays over the radio. The code will mention H26 followed by a number. For us, that number was 16, meaning we had to push the doorbell 16 times to unlock the door. This will be different for you, so listen to the radio to figure out the code for your door.

Now you can explore the apartment and uncover some lore about the group that was monitoring the Visionaries here. Among the notes and voice recordings will be a code for a door in Fristad Rock. The code we found was 0G8. You’ll need to use this code in conjunction with two others to open a secret bunker door and uncover a secret about this group.