How to perform the Godskin skip in Elden Ring

Skip that annoying boss.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The Godskin Noble has become one of the more annoying bosses to fight in the Lands Between. Luckily, you only need to beat the Godskin Noble in Volcano Manor if you aren’t in the mood to fight a bunch of NPCs for Tanith. If you don’t feel like doing either, there are actually two ways that you can completely skip the Godskin Noble fight to gather materials and make your way to Rykard. Here are the two Godskin skip methods you can perform in Elden Ring.

Godskin bridge skip

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First up is the Godskin bridge skip. This method can be performed after you have reached Volcano Manor or you can use the Abductor Virgin in the basement of Raya Lucaria Academy to reach the area early. Once you reach the bridge, raise it and go to the far side away from the Godskin Noble boss fight. Look at the picture above for reference. You will need to jump on the small bump on the bridge. From there, jump onto the large bridge gear that raises the chain. Once on that, run and jump over to the corner. It will take a few tries, but this will allow you to access Volcano Manor and also get the Somber Smithing Stone [7] near the Abductor Virgin.

Godskin wall skip

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The other skip you can perform in this area is the Godskin wall skip. Instead of crossing the bridge, go to the left of the Godskin Noble boss arena entrance. Go to the area leading behind the arena that is blocked by a large stone column. Run at the column and slowly make your way to the edge. When you hit the edge, jump, then quickly turn your character to the right and attack with your fist. This will allow you to get past the column. Do it again for the second column. This will lead you to the stone on the other side. Climb up the cliffside by walking into it and jumping. This will place you directly behind the Godskin Noble’s arena.