How to play as Fuze in Rainbow Six Extraction — Skills and abilities

Light it up with Fuze and protect your team in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Image via Ubisoft

Fuze will be the operator you want to use in Rainbow Six Extraction to clear the room and take out smaller enemies to prepare for a big boss. He’s also excellent at holding down a point to ensure his teammates can hold an objective. Of course, you’ll be using him in more aggressive missions, so don’t expect him to be exceptional for quieter stealth missions. In this guide we cover how to play as Fuze in Rainbow Six Extraction, along with his skills and abilities.

Best weapons for Fuze

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Fuze has a selection of heavy primary weapons for you to select. His starting weapon is the 6P41 LMG. You’ll want to use it for close-to-medium range engagements. While it has a sizeable clip, it might be the desired choice when battling Archæans. Alternatively, you can also use the AK-12 assault rifle, the SASG-12 shotgun, or the SPEAR .308 rifle. The SASG-12 is a good choice if you want to place Fuze closer to the front, but if you want him as an acting support character to the team’s lead, giving him the AK-12 or SPEAR .308 are reliable options.

You can choose between the GSH-18 semi-automatic pistol or the PMM handgun. Depending on what you select for your primary weapon, the PMM would be the superior option because of the increased damage. But it does have a lower capacity compared to the GSH-18.

How to use Fuze’s ability Cluster Charge

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Fuze is a heavily armored operator that, while slow, can clear a room full of Archæans in a matter of seconds with a will-timed blast of his Cluster Charge. You’ll want to use this to prepare for an incoming attack or set it up right before an engagement.

How you use it is up to you, and when you do fire it off, you can expect the alarms to go off, and the Archæans will know where to find you. Fuze is not subtle, and leaning into this louder fighting style could secure more engagements than remaining stealthy for too long.

Best way to play as Fuze

With Fuze’s close-to-medium range weapons and his loud Cluster Charge, you want to play him closer to the front of any engagement during an Extraction. He might not have too many stealth options, but if you need someone to fight an army of Archæans, he’s perfect for it. He can prepare for them by placing his Cluster Charge down and sending off a barrage of explosives, making it easier to clean up the hordes and focusing on the larger targets.

You don’t want to use Fuze for every engagement. When your team does need firepower, though, Fuze is a reliable option to place on your team, so long as you can use his Cluster Charge wisely and don’t always rush into a battle.