How to reduce fear in Evil Dead: The Game

Need a light?

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All Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game have a fear level underneath their health bar. A character’s fear levels will go up as they progress through the game. Having a higher fear level increases the chance of them becoming possessed by the Demon hunting the party, attempting to stop them from banishing it back to hell. There are ways to reduce a character’s fear level to prevent a possession from happening. Here’s what you need to know about how to reduce fear in Evil Dead: The Game.

How to reduce fear

It’s important to note how your fear levels increase as you play through Evil Dead. Your levels will steadily increase if you stray too far away from your teammates and go off by yourself. When you’re wandering around, the Demon can place down a Scare Trap, which summons one of the random NPCs to teleport from a portal, suddenly attacking you and damaging you. All characters slowly gain fear as they move around in the darkness, regardless of being close to teammates or not.

The best way to reduce your fear levels is to stick close to your teammates as you progress through the match. Although you will slowly gain fear, it still mitigates the effect far more than going off by yourself. In addition, if your team has a Leader class character, they reduce the fear you gain, giving you further incentive to stick close to them.

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For those who need to reduce their fear levels, the best way is to find a fire or light source and stand it. A small flame indicates the fire sources on the map. You will need a matchstick in your inventory to turn it on. So long as you stand near the fire source, your fear will go down. Light sources do not provide as much fear reduction, but when standing underneath one in a house, it will slowly tick down, giving you some time to rest.

Because fire sources are the best way to reduce your fear levels, you want to find matchsticks. You can typically grab them while exploring houses in your match, or you might get lucky and find one in a supply box you loot while exploring.