How to resolve Error Code 249 in Phantasy Star Online 2

All error codes are not alike.

Image via Sega

Error codes are never something you want to see when trying to log in to Phantasy Star Online 2. If you’re seeing Error Code 249 while signing in, don’t panic — there’s nothing you can do about it.

Error Code 249 is Sega’s fancy way of saying PSO2 is currently undergoing maintenance. This code will appear during regularly scheduled maintenance or the sudden need to bring the game offline due to unscheduled maintenance. Error Code 249, which reads “Server is Undergoing Maintenance,” is very similar to Error Code 649: “Because it is in maintenance, this server is currently not available.”

Where to check for maintenance announcements

Sega keeps players regularly updated on when to expect PSO2 to go down for service. Their website has a Server Info section for all announcements regarding maintenance, both scheduled and unscheduled. PSO2 also has its own Twitter account, where you can find all necessary updates for the game, including announcements for when the game needs to undergo maintenance.

When PSO2 has maintenance scheduled

PSO2 comes down for maintenance approximately once every two weeks. This typically happens at 1 AM ET and concludes around 6 AM ET, give or take an extra half hour. During this time, you’ll see an error code appear if you attempt to log in to the game.