How to ride sheep in The Good Life

Be prepared to hear “YEAH BABY” a lot.

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In other games, you’d ride a horse to your next destination. But in The Good Life, you ride a sheep. The ability to ride sheep isn’t available at the start and in order to unlock it, you’ll have to clear a series of tasks.

Once you finish up the first part of the prologue, begin the Route A mission titled An Antique Emblem. Head over to Burley’s Farms where you’ll meet Lonette, who tells you the emblem belongs to a family of nobles who lived in a castle near a lake. Travel there and you’ll meet a butler named Samuel S. Bergman. He tells you that before you can get to the castle, you’ll need to pass his three trials. These trials serve as tutorials on how to obtain and ride a sheep.

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Find a sheep somewhere in the wild and transform it into a dog then begin barking at it. Once you barked at it enough, a blue light will emit from the sheep, meaning it’s ready to be mounted. You’ll only have a limited amount of time before the sheep disappears, so transform back to Naomi’s form quickly and get on the sheep.

The next two trials will consist of you learning how to boost and where to take your caught sheep. Once you complete the Three Trials quest, you’ll be able to call your sheep whenever. You can also go out and collect more sheep. It’s important to note that sheep have three stats: fluffiness, power, and handling. If you want to raise these stats, you’ll have to brush your sheep, boost them into breakable things, and ride them respectively.

Sheep are not only great because they help you get to places faster, but you can also get their wool and use it for items. Buying wool outright from Lonette is expensive, costing £30. So, just shearing your sheep’s wool will save you a lot of money for when you have to obtain the Ruff Dress for a quest in Route A.